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5,0 sur 5 étoiles
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le 28 décembre 2006
This outstanding memoir by James Frey's articulating his struggles to put his pathetic , addicted, broken life back together is written with such realness that most addicts can relate to it. One gets awed from the beginning by the author’s writing skills as well as the gripping nature of the story. Not only has it so many lessons in it, I also find it inspirational. Like SMASHED, or The Oaf in the book USURPER AND OTHER STORIES, A MILLION LITTLE PIECES easily brings tears, sighs, laughter and phew in different turns.
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le 29 août 2011
Gold Star Award Winner!

This is a terrifying novel about drug and alcohol addiction and rehabilitation. Anyone who has been or is in rehab for anything should be required to read this book. Anyone who has family members in rehab should read this book. Basically, everyone over the age of 14 should have to read this book.

It depicts the horrible tragedy of addiction and how Mr. Frey overcomes it. He knows that he has an addiction problem when he wakes up on a plane not knowing how he got there, where the plane is going, or how he got a broken nose and a hole through his cheek. When the plane lands, he gets off the plane and has his parents drive him to rehab, where he receives detoxification and learns how to control his drinking and drug addictions.

The book is his journey through rehab and how be becomes a better person. There is a lot of vulgarity and things that seem inappropriate but are a must for the story. The language is probably how everyone talked and the extreme drug situations are really what he went through.

There has been a lot of controversy over this book because there are parts that are "embellished" and altered. If you can see though all of that, then this book is truly amazing. I wouldn't suggest reading this book if you are under the age of fourteen due the language and theme of the book. You also might not want to read A MILLION LITTLE PIECES if you have a faint heart or easily get sick to your stomach because there are some extremely graphic scenes in the book. This is one I highly recommend, though.

Reviewed by: Taylor Rector
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le 7 septembre 2013
Suite au conseil d'un ami, je me suis procurée ce livre, sans savoir à quoi m'attendre. Au bout de quelques pages, on entre dans le monde de James, qui n'est pas sans repos. Et on ne peut plus s'arrêter, il faut qu'on sache ce qu'il devient, comment il vit les choses. Je pense pouvoir dire que c'est un livre fascinant, que l'on s'identifie ou non au personnage principal. Je le recommande fortement, et laissez vous porter dans ce monde de souffrance et d'addictions!
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le 11 décembre 2011
Le produit est arrivé en temps et dans l'état décrit par le vendeur. Tout s'est très bien passé. Excellent vendeur.
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