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le 28 juin 2013
It's been 15 years since I was last in a literature class, and it felt good to feel my brain cells jigging and popping again! Thomas Foster loves literature, writers, characters and figuring out 'what it all means'...( to him, obviously, he never pretends to be all-knowing and leaves room for everyone's interpretations), connecting stories to larger symbolicism that reaches out to us all. He is never boring or obnoxious, truly sharing his passion with gusto. As an added boon to me, as a French reader, I very much enjoyed the chapters about the influence of Shakespeare and the Bible on literature since they were never addressed in my classes.
I am looking forward to his next books!
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I love this book because it is a very good way to rediscover literature even if you did not like it in school. Understanding literature becomes less unclear and may even be an enjoyable and funny experience if you read this book. Despite the non- conventional way to deal with the subject you will learn many things in this "lively and entertaining guide to reading between the lines".
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le 1 septembre 2015
En effet, PARFAIT ! De nvo, je recommande chaleureusement la lecture de l'ouvrage de Thomas C. Foster qui nous permets, ns lecteurs, de découvrir la lecture d'oeuvres littéraires avec un oeil des plus averti ! quelle délectation alors ! bravo à cet auteur !
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