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4,5 sur 5 étoiles
4,5 sur 5 étoiles
The Shadow of the Wind
Format: Format Kindle|Modifier
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le 26 juillet 2005
I haven't enjoyed a book like this for a long time. It is so lyrical and beautifully written. I loved reading every word, rereading paragraphs because they were so delightful. The intelligent plot and rich cast of characters had me keeping a crib sheet.
It reminded me of A Hundred Years of Solitude, but without the supernatural: the richness of the charactors and the freshness of the dialogue. And so many wise words.
As another reviewer said, this is definitely a book lover's book, but it's not hard to read, just hard to put down!
I can't stop telling people who love to read to get this book - it's already a classic for me.
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le 31 août 2005
This is an engrossing work; within the first chapter or two you understand why it has become such a popular novel. It's 1945, it's Barcelona, the Civil War has been lost and Franco's Fascists are firmly in control ... though feeling insecure, because Hitler's Fascism is crumbling and Mussolini's has already been dismantled. A bookseller takes his young son, Daniel, on an adventure ... a visit to the Cemetery of Forgotten Books, there to choose one forgotten work and treasure it.
Thus begins the child's fascination with the author of "The Shadow of the Wind", one Julian Carax. The child grows, determined to discover who was this mysterious Carax, why did he flee Barcelona, and why is some mysterious stranger determined to destroy all copies of his books and all trace of his life.
The destruction of an artist's life and works is a potent exploration of censorship and the ability of Franco's followers to fictionalise history. Carlos Ruiz Zafon has life imitating art: Daniel's life seems to parallel Carax's! Is this a case of not learning from history? One of the characters remarks that true evil requires thought and reason, but that most people who do evil are too stupid to intellectualise their behaviour: they act simplistically out of corrupted emotions ... fear, anger, jealousy, guilt, greed.
Fascism, we see, took a hold because not enough people were prepared to act to stop it. Fascism will return if people are too lazy to think, to value, to question. History can repeat itself unless people learn.
But Fascism - which tries to impose a rigid structure on the State and its people - creates intense loneliness. People live in fear of exposure, of seizure by the secret police because they dare to think differently. Daniel's is the loneliness of fear, but it's also the loneliness of teenage love - lusty, erotic, but ultimately fragile and insecure. As a teenager, how do you know you are in love? You weave your dreams and hopes, but lack the experience to compare, to know for sure. You barely understand desire, let alone love. As a teenager, history never repeats itself, because you simply don't yet have enough emotional history!
Haunted, pursued by the mysterious leather-faced man who is out to destroy Carax's work, Daniel is haunted by the women he desires, is haunted by the need to construct a sexual and emotional self beyond the boundaries of childhood. Freedom, here, is hardly political freedom, but rather escape from emotional and sexual censorship. As Daniel strides out into the world, we watch his friendships and family dissolve around him. He has to build adult relationships now, not childish ones.
This is a book which works on so many levels. The focus is primarily on the fantasy world Daniel creates, the fantasy, shadowy world of resistance to Fascism, to censorship and mind control. It is fantasy until it runs smack into reality, the reality of a mature world. Suddenly, we have a murder mystery on our hands. We have political intrigue. We have eroticism.
"The Shadow of the Wind" is an extraordinarily well-written novel. It moves at a gentle, cerebral pace - you barely notice you are on a rollercoaster ride through fantasy. Yet it is a wonderful evocation of Barcelona - not the city of tourist brochure and sunshine, but a dark, mysterious city, lived in by real people enduring real fear and oppression. The fantasy is merely a dark cloak - once you begin to peer under it you feel this is a vivid insight into the subconscious of Spain.
It is a wholly absorbing, and highly unusual, mystery which will engross you. If I have one criticism, I felt the last quarter of the novel is comparatively weak. The ending can appear a little hasty and contrived. Having created a fantasy, turned it into a dark mystery and eroticised the romance, the ending could have been better played and plotted. But overall, a lovely, thoroughly enjoyable novel which will engage you on a number of levels and leave your mind stimulated.
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le 7 septembre 2017
So I read the book in Portuguese language. It was amazing! The writting, the story, all of it. Gave to my mother to read and she also loved it. Totally recommend it
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le 15 septembre 2008
Je lis beaucoup de livre, de tous les genres. Alors que j'étais en vacance aux Etats-unis j'ai acheté ce livre dans une librairie parce qu'à plusieurs endroits du magasin ce livre était mis en avant comme coup de coeur de employés. Du coup je me suis dis, bah pourquoi pas. En plus il était vendu à moitié prix!
Résultat: ben ça fesait longtemps que je n'avais pas autant accroché à un livre! Dès les premières pages ont rentre dans le livre et on a plus envie de le mettre de côté! Je l'ai lu en 4 jours (je l'aurai lu en 1 jour si je n'avais du préparer un concours...). Et je sais déjà que je le relirai bientôt.
Peut être que c'est parce que je suis une passionnée de lecture, l'histoire qui commence par un passage dans le cimetière de livre m'a particulièrement plus. Je précise que j'étais quand même un peu sceptique au début à la valeur d'un livre sur des livres.
Ce livre a tout: mystère, intrigue, humour, histoire d'amour. Les personnages sont attachants, et la traduction est vraiment bien. Je ne sais pas ce que ça donne en espagnol mais en anglais, la traduction est poètique.
Je recommande ce livre à tous le monde! Il est assez facile à lire pour être accessible à tous mais assez riche pour intéresser même ceux qui sont exigeants.
Certains ont comparé ce livre au Da Vinci Code... je tiens à indiquer qu'à mes yeux le Da Vinci Code est un genre de script un peu long, fade et creux (c'est mon opinion). Rien à voir avec the Shadow of the wind qui est l'opposé! J'ai vraiment hâte qu'un autre livre de Ruiz Zafon soit traduit!!!
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le 12 juin 2005
This is a book for lovers of books, their textures, scents and contents. A evocative and charming read that engages from the start. I wish that everyone gains the same pleasure that I found in this story. Do read it.
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le 31 mars 2016
This wonderful novel, part gothic mystery, part historical fiction, was unputdownable! I looooved it! Beautifully atmospheric, it is both tragic and comic at times. The characters are endearing, and the mystery of the missing author is gripping (I really enjoy mysteries about books and authors). There are also some influences from the French "noir" novel genre and the "Romantic" novel. Probably the best gothic novel I've ever read and I'm a great fan of the genre, so I'll definitely be reading the other two in the trilogy.
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le 19 mars 2009
I juts finished this book and was sad to put it down. Really well thought out, the characters are nicely fleshed out and captivating, the writing sucks you in from the first page. I loved the backdrop of Barcelona in the '50s. For all those who like a good romantic (while not being mushy) mystery, I highly recommend this book.
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le 25 juin 2014
Un livre que l'on a du mal à mettre de côté avant de l'avoir terminé. Le style de l'écriture est plaisant. L'intrigue est bien ficelée. C'est le premier livre que je lis de cet écrivain que je recommande aux personnes appréciant de la bonne littérature.
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le 12 janvier 2015
Nice enough book, a bit exaggerated tale for my taste, and it's nothing to do with magic realism, it's just a bit of a soap-opera scenario to be honest, but it does get your reading at most times. The book arrived on time and in good condition too.
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le 22 juin 2016
A perfect mystery set in Bacelona. This is a superb classic novel and a must read especially if Barcelona is in your travel plans.
Coming of age.
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