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CHAPTER 2 1. True or false? a Bowen is lucky in love. b Bowen is a good-looking man. c Eliot does not have a good opinion of Bowen. d Eliot recognised the face of the dead man. e The dead man had musician’s hands. f The pathologist was happy in his work.

1. Tell students they are going to read a murder mystery set in London. Brainstorm what the class know about London. One way of doing this is to give pairs or small groups a few minutes to think of five things they know about London. Then take feedback and write ideas on the board or overhead projector. P ossible answers: capital of England; UK; the Thames; Big Ben etc. I f you have a map of London, perhaps from the Internet, you can ask students to find places mentioned in the story: New Cross, Blackheath, Greenwich.
2. Ask students if they think there is a lot of murder in London. (Probably, it’s a large city, etc.) What words are associated with murder? Elicit some of these words, by writing the following on the board: v _ _ _ _ _ s _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ death s _ _ _ _ _ _ g _ _ k _ _ _ _ m _ _ _ _ e Answers: victim, suspicious death, suspect, gun, knife, motive O ptional activity: Put students in pairs or groups of three. They have five minutes to come up with a story that includes all the words. Ask two or three pairs to tell their story to the class.
3. Focus on motive and elicit possible motives for murder (e.g. money, love, jealousy, hatred). Ask students to read the Blurb. Are there any possible motives in this short description of the victim? Answer: Perhaps jealousy because of all the things he had.
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le 24 août 2009
I bought this book for my child, out of a list made up by her english teacher.There's still almost a month before school starts and the book is read. I reckon this is a success. Sometimes we read together, one of us reading aloud. The chapters are small which makes it easy to talk about what's going on and enlighten any doubt.
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