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le 10 juillet 2010

An appreciation by Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor of Richmond Green Chambers

When Shakespeare penned Loved 'kill all the lawyers 'line - forget Which play ... do not ask - he Might Have Had It in Mind That Even in His day , the outpouring of the bombastic Often Then legal Leading lights Were a bit long on pomposity and a little short on clarity .

It would prononcer That in the intervening centuries , Not A Lot Has Changed - The Need for hence this terrific book Aptly titled ' The Lawyer 's Guide to Writing Well 'by Goldstein and Lieberman.

This is one guide to writing well that's Plantagenet well - very well . It's immensely readable , laugh - out - loud amusing , yet deadly serious . It Is Not a new publication , HAVING Been Around On The shelves of bookshops worldwide university for a while, the purpose it Provides advice is timeless . In our opinion it Should Be in the library of gold - solid cardboard at the right hand of - every lawyer in the world Français speaking .

Lawyers Who are at least dimly aware Of The Need for clear , concise communication should " , If There's Any Justice , end up with a lot more Grateful clients have a result of HAVING read and Noted the contents of this book . As The Washington Post commented , ' lawyers ... Need writers , or at least a guide like ' The Lawyer 's Guide to Writing Well ' em to help put together a sentence That the rest of the world can understand. "

'The book 's authors Provide straight-to -the -heart advice for lawyers Who want to face the music and turn over a new leaf in Their Writing ... a book worth Deemed HAVING, intonation the Harvard Law Review.

' Rounding up ? ' Uh oh ! We Have just perused the Useful and trenchant Usage Notes section at the back of the book and Have come across the word ' DEEM 'and the authors 'low opinion of it . ' Many lawyers love this word , for no apparent Reason , 'they say Rather unkindly . In Their view , no way you should " Say That something is' Deemed ' Inappropriate . INSTEAD Say That Something Is Inappropriate - like over -reliance on stereotypes , for example.

Goldstein & Lieberman May Sound A Little punctilious at times and quick to mock and Scorn , goal THEY do it gracefully . And how refreshing to read It Is a readable book on the blasts Français use Which Almost incessant and compulsive use of jargon, not just in the law aim in management - speak and techno - speak , psychobabble and just about everywhere else , Including the media WHERE folk "should know better. The book 's Overwhelming endorsement of plain , precise Français IS Certainly Encouraging and positive .

' Does bad writing really matter ? ' challenge the authors, Arguing That It Convincingly Docs . It matters if Terribly meanings are distorted or obscured , judges and juries puzzled and confused customers .

We saw a bumper sticker ounces is the back of a car at university Which read : " eschew obfuscation . " Think about it - and if you do not get it , you are a lost cause, so do not bother reading this book , then.

If you do get it, you need this book to tell you how to do it. But if you do know how to do it , you'll find ' The Lawyer 's Guide to Writing Well ' A useful guide to good use for your Français verbose and more obscurantists colleagues .
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