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le 18 novembre 2005
While "Ender's Shadow" was a parallel to Orson Scott Card's classic "Ender's Game," this next novel in a projected quartet deals with the aftermath of the Bugger War on Earth. All we really knew from Card's future history was that Peter Wiggin became the Hegemon. In "Shadow of the Hegemon" we not only find out how that came to be, but also the involvement of Bean, the "Shadow" in both books, who acts behind the scenes while others take the world stage. The main story arc involves the kidnapping of Petra Arkanian and other Battle School graduates from Ender's group by Achilles, Bean's nemesis from "Ender's Shadow." This is merely the opening gambit in Achilles move to rule the world.
As the geo-political situation unravels in "Shadow of the Hegemon," I found myself thinking that this was like a real game of "Risk." So, when Card admitted as much in his afterword, I had to laugh. This novel really has more in common with Card's novel "Pastwatch," where he dealt with an alternative reality regarding Christopher Columbus and the "discovery" of the Americas. Both have at their core the idea of remaking the world into a better place, for while the Battle School dealt with inter-galatic video games, Card is now dealing with more traditional war games on Earth and his take on the Asian nations, particularly India and Thailand, is quite interesting. But we have all known for quite some time that Uncle Orson is a thoughtful writer and one of the best writers of serial novels as he has repeatedly proven.
Similar to "Xenocide," Card decided while writing "Shadow of the Hegemon" that he had two books here not one. Consequently, it is hard to judge this novel because there is more of the story to be told and the ending has very much of a "to be continued" feeling. The character of Bean remains as fascinating as Ender Wiggin, albeit without the overwhelming angst. The best parts of the book are when he deals with those who disagree with his proposals; as a rhetorician I admire Card's creation as a model of persuasive efficiency. I read everything Card writes, but I am especially looking forward to the rest of this series (even more than Alvin Maker, believe it or not).
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le 2 août 2002
Les passionnés du cycle Ender ne seront pas deçus du voyage. Amis, ennemis, proches d'Ender sortent de l'ombre et prennent le devant de la scène pour nous entrainer dans un livre palpitant, plein de surprises, irrésistible, et passionnant jusqu'à la derniere ligne.
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