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4,8 sur 5 étoiles
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Encore un excellent tome qui m'a surprise quand à certaines "réponses" . J'ai notamment été abasourdie devant le destin de Jenna ( c'est là qu'on se rend compte de la distance avec la série même si...)

Emily : une intrigue un peu plus intéressante mais j'ai vraiment du mal à aimer ce personnage ... Son passage chez les Amish était plutot pas mal mais bon on tourne toujours en rond avec elle : lamentations, ohhhh Ali, lamentations... ennuyeux ce personnage

Aria : j'aime beaucoup son intrigue avec Noel Kahn, beaucoup plus travaillée que dans la série mais il ne se passe pas grand chose pour elle dans ce tome (même si j'aime le spiritisme ) en revanche j'ai adoré ses flash backs Ali

Hanna : sans doute celle dont l'intrigue était la mieux construite dans ce tome, j'ai adoré son passage à la clinique, Hanna reste "superficielle" mais sa psychologie est bien travaillée et on comprend mieux son obsession de la popularité

Spencer : que de bouleversements ! Le mystère s'épaissit et j'ai bien aimé sa nouvelle relation à ses parents même si comme toujours, ça finit mal. Le personnage de Mélissa gagne aussi en mystère

Ce que j'ai aimé : les flash back sur Ali, l'intrigue d'Hanna et comme toujours, Spencer.

Ce que j'ai moins aimé : Le coté répétitif du personnage d'Emily

En bref : Un nouveau tome passionnant qui donne des pistes... puis les referme

Ma note : 8/10
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le 29 mai 2010
The Philadelphia Main Line town of Rosewood is like the 1976 Eagles' classic, "Hotel California" because you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave! This is a series that will certainly keep readers of all ages guessing.

Dramatis Personae:

Alison DiLaurentis, 13, was a bright leader of a girls' clique. The members of said clique were more like satellites than actual friends as Alison's approval tended to give her peers a social leg up. She has been discovered murdered some 4 years after the summer she completed 7th grade in Rosewood Day, a private school on Philadephia's Main Line. Alison goes missing the summer before she starts 8th grade and is later discovered to have been murdered. Alison and her satellites drop designer names at the drop of a designer hat.

Spencer Hastings, along with the other satellites discovers she has good reason to want to dim the sun around which she revolves. She tends to sputter. In an earlier installment, readers learn that she has had a history of blackouts. Her older sister, Melissa, favored to the point of excess and indulgence treats her like dog droppings. After she comes clean about plagiarizing her older sister's economics paper, she is further ostracized by her own family. To make matters worse, her grandmother does not include her in her will. The old bag stipulated that only "natural born grandchildren" stood to inherit from her vast fortune. The questions about Spencer's parentage comes out in volume 6.

Aria Montgomery had been having an affair with her English teacher, Ezra Fitz. Her theme song is Van Halen's "Hot For Teacher." Their affair ended in the second volume. Back in town after a 3-year stay in Iceland, Aria reluctantly re-enters Rosewood Day School and the consequences of her father's infidelity. Aria's mother re-admits her into the house upon learning Aria knew about the affair even before the family left for Iceland. Her current boyfriend is someone named Xavier whom Aria meets at an art showing. Xavier hits on Aria and, much to her great chagrin is her own mother's online date! Xavier continues hitting on Aria, who moves in with her father and his pregnant fiancee, Meredith. Her brother Mike, some 2 years younger remains with their mother. Aria has a tendency to reach into her yak-fur bag, a security blanket she brought back from Iceland.

Emily Fields, a reknowned swimmer has finally become open about her sexual orientation. She has broken up with her partner, Maya, who is now living in the DeLaurentis house. In the previous installent readers learn along with Emily that she is bisexual. She meets a very kind boy named Isaac at a church social and in time enjoys a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship with Isaac.

Hanna Marin, a former fat girl now femme fatale has to cope with her divorced mother living in Singapore due to a job transfer and living in her own home with her divorced father and same-aged stepsister, Kate. Kate is favored and indulged and Hanna feels ousted from her own family. To make matters worse, her father has her admitted to a hospital where she serves time with some very interesting fellow inmates.

Emily also gets out of town. The mysterious A who has been stalking the girls sends her a message and Amish clothing to get out of town for a few days as she will find clues in an Amish community in Lancaster, Ohio. While there, Emily stays with the delightful Zook family and uncovers some very....unsettling secrets.

With two girls out of town, A steps up the cyber stalking. Each girl uncovers a devastating secret about her own life that leaves her permanently changed and each girl suffers the trauma of coming across yet another casualty. A is arrested and the question remains - is the A that is currently in custody the A who has been stalking the Pretty Little Liars all along or is this a copy cat or is there possibly a third A out there, waiting to strike?

And why are people turning against the girls? Each girl has had someone she thought was a supporter suddenly turn against her. With Hanna, it was a former inmate. Emily's friend Isaac's mother turned against her and Aria was ostracized by her peers once the news grabbed the Pretty Little Liars angle. Spencer continued to ride the unpredictable roller coaster with her unloving family. Was it really that the supporters in question were doing this of their own accord or was it somehow connected to A? And was the girls' arrest warranted?

The overplayed 1983 song "Every Breath You Take" aka The Stalkers' Anthem by the Police could easily be the soundtrack of the Pretty Little Liars Series.

Readers of this series are no doubt looking forward to the next installment.
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le 28 août 2011
Claims of a dead body behind Spencer's house that no one ever found, coupled with their new claims of seeing someone who was supposed to be dead, has earned the girls the nickname of Pretty Little Liars.

A looney bin, Amish life, seances, and believing one's family capable of murder is what's in store for the girls this time around. When you've told many different tales that seem unbelievable, who's gonna believe anything that you have to say?

HEARTLESS had intriguing characters, suspenseful storylines, and enough action going on to keep you going from page one. This has been a great series from the very first book, and I look forward to its conclusion in book eight. Sara Shepard has crafted a series that readers from teens to mature adults will all enjoy.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS is definitely a series to recommend.

Reviewed by: Breia "The Brain" Brickey
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le 30 janvier 2012
Si vous connaissez déjà la série, ce nouvel opus ne vous décevra pas. Sara Shepard reste fidèle à elle-même et nous laisse une fois de plus en plein suspense lors du dernier chapitre avec un seul objectif : nous faire lire le plus vite possible le dernier tome qui clôture cette énigme.

Je conseille cette série à tous ceux qui ne la connaisse pas encore.
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le 4 mai 2013
Next PLL book... whAt's going on on this one ? The following book of Pretty Litlle Liars... We will know one day
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