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le 14 février 2011
Great diet for meat lovers! However if you are not a devoted carnivore you might find this diet difficult to stick to.
What follows reflects my own experience and opinion of the diet, I am not too interested in the for or against Dukan battle.
First I'd like to say that Dukan is not the same as Atkins as some people suggest as Atkins allows/encourages fat meats, Dukan on the contrary forbids them, Dukan is a kind of very low fat Atkins + oat bran.
The diet is well planned in 4 phases, each phase being less restrictive than the preceding one, you definitely have to read the book fully before you start -if only to know what you can look forward to in the next phase!
I stuck to phase 1 (Attack)for 5 days and absolutely hated it as of day 3. Contrary to others I did not find the oat bran galette palatable at all, it is quite filling Ok but tasty, I don't think so. However my main problem was the lack of vegetables. Don't take me wrong, I am a carnivore but feeding on meat, eggs and fish only did not agree with me, I felt clogged, sluggish, weak -I am rather active- and bored, very very bored with the diet, actually longing to become a vegetarian! Still I stuck to it because it was a short term effort.
Weight loss 1.5kg and mostly water, yeah right!
Then started on phase 2 (cruise) which you are supposed to stick to until you reach your target weight. In this phase you alternate protein only days with veg/protein days. Stuck to it for about another week and finally gave up because I found it difficult to fit in so many protein only days with children -back home after a week away- asking me why they should eat their vegetables when I did not. So pressure got me off tracks and quite happily so in a way as I hated protein only days anyway. Ok call it an excuse if you wish but really I was so relieved -both mentally and physically- to get back to protein/veg meals every day that it did not feel like a failure but a victory over something which did not agree with me at all. So some weight did come off (as it does with other diets anyway) but this diet was not for me. However if I had been a devoted carnivore, I would have loved it and it would have been a great way to lose weight as it is true you do not go hungry and the diet is well planned to help you reach your target weight and stay there provided you respect a few rules. Obviously if you go wild again you will put everything back on- again like any other diet.
So my conclusion:
Bad points: difficult to stick to unless you are really a devoted meat/egg/fish lover ( boredom, sluggishness, possible constipation in phase 1). The very low fat approach makes it healthier than Atkins but to what extent? Our body also needs fats and unless we eat fatty fish on a regular basis I suspect this might not be as healthy as it seems in the long run (+don't we need a variety of fats even if it is in moderation?)
Good points: I was not impressed by the weight loss in phase 1or even the first 2 weeks, however one great point was that the short time I was on the diet weaned me off sweet cravings and I did not miss alcohol at all. The other good point is that I now absolutely love my veg to a point I would never have anticipated -the power of frustration? So the diet has actually set me on the right track for a much healthier diet: sort of low carb (one cake a week ;-), low fat to a -reasonable- point, little alcohol and regular exercise which I was on before anyway: I liked the fact that Dukan 'prescribed' walking as apart of his diet as I have been a convert for quite some time. I will also keep the idea of oat bran with yogurt as a healthy snack or breakfast and possibly one protein day a week when/if ever I feel up to it as he advises for phase 3 (stabilisation).
So not a bad experience after all even if this diet as a whole is not for me. Hope this helps some people to make up their minds as to whether or not they want to give this diet a try, good luck !
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le 14 juillet 2012
Le seul régime qui marche vraiment, à la condition de bien le suivre et de ne pas l'abandonner complètement.Il ne faut pas oublier que TOUT passage à une alimentation malsaine entraine une prise de poids.
Très bon livre, bien écrit et expliqué.
Je ne vois pas pourquoi le Dr Dukan a été discrédité, peut-être par la jalousie de ses confrères?
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le 23 août 2011
Very interesting book, that explains many things about weight and diets. The diet works, but I don't know yet what happens at the end of the four phases. An easy diet, however, you're not hungry, full of energy and not nervous - which is a great feeling!
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le 14 septembre 2013
We did the Dukan diet for two years and lost 3 stones each. Easy to follow and no health issues. Slightly concerned about the amount of protein we were eating and we have now moved onto the 5:2 Fast diet to keep healthy as we get older!!
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le 3 janvier 2012
ce livre se retrouve en Inde chez mon ami bonne réception de l'article pour le reste je pense que mon ami était content car in a perdu du poids!!!!
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le 14 mars 2011
This may be one of the most dangerous diets ever created. The results: skyrocketing weight loss, but mostly from muscles. It's impossible to lose all this weight from fat. It is too quick and ketogenic diets very often end up with losses from lean muscle mass. Stay away from it at all cost.
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