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le 26 décembre 2014
Super content de retrouver ces 2 films en Blu Ray.
Bon c'est de l'import vu qu'il n'existe pas de version Française en Blu Ray. Mais il y a bien une piste audio Fr.
Quand le Blu Ray est arrivé, J'ai tout de suite constaté au verso qu'il était indiqué "Français (dubbed in Quebec)", j'ai enragé car ce n’était pas précisé sur Amazon qu'il s'agissait d'une VFQ. Mais en fait lorsque j'ai lancé le Disc pour tester, j'ai été surpris de voir qu'ils s'agissait en fait bel et bien du doublage VF et non VFQ... Donc super content au final. Ouf
Le seul point négatif c'est qu'il n'y a aucun bonus.
Mais c'est pratique d'avoir les 2 films sur le même disc !!!
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le 16 juillet 2011
a mon avis le numéro 1 est meilleur que le 2. Mais pour les inconditionnels de Sandra BULLOCK c'est un doublé qu'il faut posséder. L'actrice jour aussi bien le rôle de la flic garçon manqué que de la future miss. Les costumes, maquillages et coiffures sont au top. Les deux histoire sont bonnes, quoique la deuxième soit plus conventionnelle.
Et en plus, on passe un très bon moment, pas de prise de tête et des bons sentiments.A recommander en cas de déprime!
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le 7 mai 2010
On peut choisir la langue dans miss congeniality,mais miss congeniality 2 est totalement en anglais décevant......
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Despite being a silly little romp, Miss Congeniality has become a bit of a classic in its own way and, since a visiting friend had never seen it, we had a quick look on Amazon and found it bundled with the sequel, Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous. Two days later we were sitting down to watch it again in DVD splendour (and also about to find out what the sequel was like).

Miss Congeniality
The storyline is well known and basically a combination of many classic themes: Cinderella, the Ugly Duckling, role reversal, the tough cop with the heart of gold, a small woman proving herself in a male-dominated milieu, a sceptic reassessing her preconceptions. A cacophony of clichés, but as everyone knows, clichés work because they are true to life. The attempt to make beauty contests seem less shallow and sexist than they really are is half-hearted and it only pays lip service to the cause, which is just as well because anything heavier would get in the way of the humour.

Sandra Bullock is one of my favourite contemporary actresses and in this she establishes her full acting range: she is funny, screwed up, self-mocking, committed, moving, and physically impressive in her athletic scope (I know she had a stunt double, but in many scenes she does the punching and kicking herself). The other pageant contestants, unfortunately, are mediocre at best in both acting ability and looks (that part, at least, is true to life).

Michael Caine waltzes through a typically brilliant performance and Candice Bergen is convincing in her role. The real surprise for me was William Shatner, who provided some of the funniest moments just by cringing or delivering a killer line with perfect timing. I didn't know he had it in him.

Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous
Sequels seldom live up to the originals that spawned them, but I thought this one was different enough that it actually had its own particular appeal. Sandra Bullock is undoubtedly a smart woman, and she displayed her acumen in the structure of Miss Congeniality 2 by retaining the key characters and bringing in a couple of new counter-heros strong enough to carry my interest to the end. The story is obviously fluff, but there are many funny moments.

Gracie Hart, the unlikely Miss America runner-up, has tried her best to go back to her day job as a field agent, but her notoriety and public appeal have become huge handicaps and actually threaten the safety of anyone working with her. Since Gracie is now a lemon, her boss sees a way to make lemonade by turning her into the glamorous face of the FBI. The plot follows her hugely successful mission until her one and only friend, the reigning Miss America, is in mortal danger and Gracie has to return to active duty, saddled with a surly bodyguard who despises her and a style expert who won't allow a single one of her hairs to be out of place.

Regina King is terrific as the partner/antagonist and Diedrich Bader hams it up convincingly as an over-the-top style guru (the successor to the character played brilliantly by Michael Caine in the first movie). Also Heather Burns has a lot more screen presence in this. But, surprisingly again, many of the truly hilarious moments are down to William Shatner, who apparently excels at tragicomedy, although my favourite scene is the one featuring Ida: Sandra Bullock at her most daring comedic genius. Oh, and the high-heel chase after fake Dolly, priceless!

Quite a few special features, enjoyable if you like some background info, but the quiz was too long and boring and, ultimately, a bit pointless.

My idea of entertainment is light-hearted comedy with a feel-good factor. I'm glad we bought this DVD set because, although a bit old, it's still worth watching in preference to some of the depressing dross that passes for movies at the moment.

For those who are interested, these are the details for both DVD discs:
Spoken languages: English, French, Italian
Subtitles: English, French, Italian, Dutch, Arabic and Russian

Special Features:
- Commentary with Sandra Bullock and Mark Lawrence, the executive producer and screenwriter
- Commentary with Director, Donald Petrie
- Preparing for the Pageant
- The Pageant
- “Missing” Scenes (different on each disc)
- Sneak peak at Miss Congeniality #2
- Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Beauty Queen? Quiz
- Theatrical Trailer
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le 14 décembre 2011
Dès que j'ai vu la bande annonce du premier j'ai su que ce film allait être un vrai plaisir à regarder.
Et en effet, sens est un. Comique, certes, mais tout aussi touchant.
Sandra B est géniale dans ce rôle de miss Etats Unis. Surtout en planquant des flingues et donuts sous ses somptueuses robes du soir... hahaha
Le deuxième est tout aussi bien.
A choisir entre les deux je préfère le 1er film, mais je vous conseil néanmoins d'acheter ce coffret.
De bons moments à passer au côté de la plus touchante et la plus surprenante des miss EU.
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le 10 janvier 2014
un film a voir si on aime sandra bullock et les comédie américaines. Moi j'adore et pour un super prix
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