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le 16 juin 2014
Excellents articles, bien écrits et lisibles (pour un francophone) avec un bon niveau d'anglais.
Couvre un large panel d'actualités et de sujets traités sur le fond.
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le 11 octobre 2013
J'achete le journal le 14 octobre 2013, et mon Kindle ne marche plus depuis. C'est génial, et tellement facile d'obtenir les renseignements pour une réparation!!!
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le 24 février 2012
It all works beautifully. Every morning, within seconds of turning on one's kindle, the latest edition of the Guardian is there. It is easy to navigate, and a real pleasure to browse anywhere, from the breakfast table to public transport, over lunch etc.

However, I was disappointed by the selection of articles. I was hoping to see most recent news at a glance. Instead, I got a selection of in-depth articles on a very limited range of topics that were more or less the same every day (over the 10 days I tried). There are only so many articles I can read on David Cameron's plans for the NHS - three articles a day is definitely too many. A lot of the issues revolved around the finer points of British politics and economy, or the middle-east. And while that does interest me, I don't want to read just that, and not in the bulky amounts proffered.

Granted, I found articles that I was very interested in, and which I preserved among my "clippings". But the vast majority were also available for free online.
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le 17 janvier 2012
I thought I would give The Guardian a try on the Kindle even though there is plenty of content free online. Although I found the Kindle version very handy being easily transportable and able to be read anywhere the product, in my view, suffered in comparison with the printed version (very much so) and the online version. This morning there was no sport section, which is inexcusable. I will not be renewing my subscription.
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le 1 mars 2013
its a good book to read. i had fun and enthu when i read this book . the content in this news papaer is awesone. and lot of informative
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