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le 12 juin 2014
Cruel Justice (Justice Series # 1) by Author M. A. Comley

I am fast becoming one of Author M. A. Comley's favorite fans. This is the third fictional novel I have read by this talented author and on completion of each one of them, I wanted to read more. As an author myself and simply put, no author can ask for more than this nor can any reader. "Cruel Justice" is the first in the series and it introduces the readers to Detective Inspector Lorne Simpkins. The age of this feisty and very capable DI is left to the imagination of the reader but I'm guessing she is well into her thirties.

With handsome house husband Tom, sacrificing his own career to be a stay-at-home dad to twelve year old daughter can be sure that the long work hours Lorne keeps are bound to disrupt the most solid of relationships. Her marriage to Tom is no exception.

Lorne, the protagonist, driven by the unsolved murders she is confronted with, is doggedly determined to solve the heinous crimes taking place in her patch. The mysterious murders...the eerie puzzle the murder/murderers want her to piece together drive her to work even harder. Her personal life appears to be falling apart...and her inexplicable and unexpected attraction to pathologist, Dr. Arnaud are only adding to her frustration and emotional fatigue. Lorne is definitely a determined investigator. With the assistance of her partner Pete and the rest of her team, she makes every effort to compartmentalize her personal life as they work day and night to fit the puzzle pieces together. Some curious and macabre clues are left for them to sort through and with murder and mayhem facing them at every corner, their persistence and perseverance eventually pay off. The trail is getting hot as they close in...and then the unthinkable happens. This maniacal serial killer is at it again!

With the cliff-hanger found on the final page of "Cruel Justice", which really threw me for a loop...there are definitely more mysterious murder cases to come that will challenge the investigative abilities of DI Simpkins in this mind-boggling Justice Series.

Inspirational Author & Book Reviewer ~ Dolores Ayotte
Up The "Down" Ladder (English Edition)
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le 26 novembre 2013
I recently read the latest release in this awesome series Virtual Justice (Justice Series Book 7) and then immediately went back and downloaded this which is Book 1. Both books are fantastic. Author M A Comley is a skilled technician. Every word reads like it has been carefully selected for maximum effect. The prose is taut and crisp and instantly creates that tense feeling you want when immersed in a chilling procedural. I'm so glad I have another five cracking installments in this series to go, starting with Book 2 Impeding Justice (Justice series Book 2).
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le 12 mai 2013
Very good read. Like the main characters so looking forward to reading the next one, which i will definitely buy. To be recommended. If you enjoy police crime stories , this is a must.
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le 26 avril 2015
Quite good, though murder descriptions too graphic for my taste. One thing: the French character is totally unrealistic, an almost ridiculous cliché. Being French, I can guarantee French men are not different from men from other countries (no better and no worse). All in all a good read.
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le 14 octobre 2014
I am a readaholic, I read a book per day, so i rely on comments and reviews to find novels to my taste. I must say Cruel justice does not deserve the praise it got from the amazon reviewers; the plot was not bad but when you see what M.J. Arlidge can do on the same topic you just have to realise that some are writers and others aren't.
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