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3,3 sur 5 étoiles
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le 10 août 2015
Martin Lindstrom is good at creating suspense but fails to deliver credible responses and explanations to many of the questions or affirmations he states. A case in point is his affirmation that gory visuals on cigarette packs actually encourage smokers to continue: he sets up his entire first chapter on this eye-catching theory, but fails miserably to bring any clear evidence from his "world first neuroscience experiment" to support his conclusion.
And most of the rest of the book is like that.
Very disappointing indeed. Kind of wasted my Synday afternoon reading it.
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le 7 octobre 2012
Pour les personnes qui s'intéressent de neuromarketing c'est un livre indispensable. Dommage qu'il n'est pas traduit en français. Pour le comprendre il faut avoir un niveau d'anglais assez avancé.
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le 31 mars 2013
This book reveals why we buy what we buy and, most importantly, how we are influenced by publicity in ways that we might not have thought. I learned something from this book and recommend it.
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le 2 octobre 2014
Very few take away for marketers, doesn't worth to invest the time in reading a whole book which could be summarised and condensed in 20 pages....
May be good for researchers though
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le 30 décembre 2011
Livre bien construit avec de nombreux cas d'études de neuromarketing. A lire si vous êtes intéressé par le fonctionnement et les réactions du cerveau face à la publicité.
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le 7 octobre 2010
Walk away from it, the only good thing about this book is the title! The guy is definiteley good at marketing his concept. Unfortunately it doesn't have much legs...
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Do you buy something because you need it? Umm, perhaps. Did you really want the last item you bought? Maybe. Neuromarketing guru Martin Lindstrom has invested years of research into exploring the reasons why we buy, how we are affected even subconsciously to make a purchase. Of course, this is fascinating information for marketers but it was even more intriguing to me as a consumer (especially in today's economy). Just as biology is a study of living organisms, Buy-Ology is a study of living buyers and sellers.

Breathes there a woman alive who hasn't wondered why on earth she bought a blouse she has yet to wear? Or, at our house a husband who hasn't bought something for his workbench that remains shiny and unused?

Lindstrom brings to light precisely how marketers use science and religion to sell. For instance, just as in religion think of how top selling brands utilize symbols. I can spot my brand of detergent from across a store simply by the symbol on the front of the box, and that symbol elicits a good response from me.

One statement I found a bit intimidating was that we make 90% of our decisions subconsciously or due to a subconscious reaction. I'm still pondering that. I'd really like to think that my buying decisions are made quite consciously with an eye to our budget, but I know that's not so when I remember my tendency to overspend during holiday seasons.

Now, blue is and always been my favorite color. But, I didn't know that the sight of a robin's egg blue Tiffany box made women's hearts beat faster. And, a number of stores and product lines seem to believe that sex sells while Lindstrom says not so.

The data in Buy-Ology isn't at all dry as you may find yourself on quite a few pages. And, Don Leslie's reading makes the discoveries even more enjoyable.

- Gail Cooke
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