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le 12 mars 2005
Pearl S. Buck is one of my favorite authors. And since I absolutely love well written books, I virtually devoured THE GOOD EARTH. I read this classic book when I was fourteen and have re-read six times since then. The character development was great and the story kept my interest until the last page. The pacing of the story was expertly done, and the writing style was just marvelous. With a rich plot and fantastic setting, the author successfully captured the remarkable element of human relationships, tapping into the varying human emotions that made the story so real. The more you reread the book the more your perception deepens, and the more you get to enjoy it. The setting enabled me to learn a great deal about China, the Chinese people and their traditions and customs and finally the lot that we all share as humans with cardinal virtues. That human touch is best portrayed by Wang Lung and O-lan his wife, the heroes of the book who defy the negative aspects of life and survive from the sweat of their brow and the produce of the good earth.
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le 3 mai 2011
Very readable book. Strong moral story. Particularly interesting because it describes an era in China, (just as Mao was coming to power)which has very few other witnesses because the cultural revolution forced many Chinese authors to destroy their literary works. Great for a discussion group.
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le 19 novembre 2012
C'est l'histoire de la vie d'un homme humle et sans éducation dans la chine rurale avant la révolution. Il épouse une jeune femme, esclave dans une maison riche, non par amour, mais pour fonder une famille. Malgré beaucoup de malheur, inondations, famine, maladies et autres la famille agrandit et prospère. Il achète des terres avec l'argent qu'il économise et devient finalement un riche propriétaire. Ses fils aprennet à lire et deviennent des gens respectés, mais peu à peu il s'éloigne deux.
Très intéressante est la position de la femme dans la famille, qui tient un rôle important dans la famille est qui ne sera aimée est respectée que peu avant sa mort.
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le 14 février 2013
A classic Chinese epic with a biblical tone. In fact it is only a way into the book that you get any clue as to when it is set so timeless is the decor. A fascinating insight into real rural China.
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