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le 12 octobre 2013
I loved that book! If people want to know more about dieting, losing weight,diabetes and good nutrition they can find in this book the honest information they need. Many people will realize reading this book (as i did) that regarding food and diet they've been fighting the wrong fights and that they wasted their health and money for nothing all along. This book sells you nothing, not even a method to lose weight. Rather it enlightens you and explain in detail why diets don't work and that dieting is flawed from the beginning. Instead of telling you how to lose weight it demonstrates that you should focus on real health and that this is where your energy and money should go. The book's message is essentially to: avoid processed sugars (and foods) of any forms, be aware of fraudulent health claims from the food industry, avoid unhealthy fats and eat whole foods. More than just a method, this book offer to readers a vision and a cause to fight for . It is beautifully written, smart and funny at times. Thank you Mr Lustig!
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le 6 décembre 2015
Édifiant !!!
A mettre en toutes les mains !
La bible des personnes qui ont envie et prennent conscience qu'il faut éliminer le sucre et le fructose de nos assiettes. Compréhensible par des non anglophones avec cependant des connaissances en physiologie.
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le 11 février 2014
Since dr Robert Lustig was mentioned in a recent edition of National Geographic, I watched his clips on youtube, peeked inside his book, and finally bought it.
There are lots of scientific terms, but not so many that the lay reader can't follow.

Great book, in great condition, arrived well within the time frame.
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