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le 2 janvier 2012
A very enjoyable read. Violence, murders, suspense, and a story that made me suspect more or less every single character without really knowing who was guilty until the big reveal. Ticked all the boxes as to how a book should be according to me !
It is extremely well written, and I really liked the fact that the book kind of "adopted" the pace of the plot throughout the murder enquiry, guiding the reader through slower and faster paced sections depending on what was going on.
Book is extremely well written, and a pleasure to read. For a first novel, it's a great start :)
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le 30 juin 2013
Author Jason Denton discovers a body while on his morning run, and puts himself in the crosshairs of a policeman bent on proving him guilty of the crime. A newcomer to the small village, he makes a convenient target. As more bodies pile up, the excessive savagery of the murders convinces the policeman he must stop Denton at any cost. This account is also a treatise on the fallibility of the justice system and how easy it is to destroy an innocent person.

The story is well-written, but the murders are very violent and described in an extremely graphic manner (which may disturb some people). Cleverly plotted and executed, with fully developed characters and believable dialog, fast-paced and engrossing, it will keep you turning pages to see what happens next. A suspenseful, shocking story - read it with the lights on.
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le 9 avril 2014
This is my first read from this author. I found it fast moving and very graphic in places. A good read despite the many 'typos' in the book.
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