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4,0 sur 5 étoiles
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le 11 novembre 2013
First, I've always been a fan of these novels, appreciating the style, the plot, the overall balance between inner psychological view into the protagonists, and crime solving, plus the added value of nice landscapes and typical setting. The other reason? I've always appreciated the comments made by readers, as they help me discriminate and often offer a smart analysis of the bok just read.
Disapponted, thus, by myself: should have listened to the readers, and not to my customary confidence of the writer: PLot is too slow, Laborious, heavy, and no character really stands out. Even Banks seems but a ghost of himself, a parody of his personnality.
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Disclosure: I’m a huge fan of Peter Robinson and his Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks novels. There - my bias has been admitted up front. For me, these stories never fail to excite, satisfy and surprise. Robinson has a wonderful ability to mesh his characters personal lives with the mystery at hand, thus creating a reader/character bond. So, beginning another Banks novel is very much like visiting with an old friend (in a pub over a pint of Sneck Lifter, of course).

One of the pleasures found in reading a Banks novel is being privy to the way the Chief Inspector’s mind works, and this comes to the fore in Children Of The Revolution. Robinson loses no time in collaring his readers as on page 2 we find Banks called to a crime scene where he views “the crumpled body of an emaciated old man.” The name of the deceased is Gavin Miller, a recluse who has struggled to live at the poverty level since his dismissal from Eastvale College job following charges of sexual misconduct some four years ago.

Miller’s body was found beneath a railroad bridge. The side of the bridge was too high for him to have simply fallen - he had to have been lifted up or thrown over. Was it the result of a fight, murder or manslaughter? To further confound officials 5,000 pounds was found in Miller’s pocket - drug money?

Banks heads the investigation with his team spread out to uncover any information they could about Miller whether it be in his neighborhood or from former colleagues at Eastvale. What few answers they receive only further muddy the waters; contradictions, half-truths abound. However, it eventually becomes apparent that the answers Banks needs are not to be found in the recent past but more than likely in events that occurred some 40 years ago. As they track Miller’s past life Banks finds a link between Miller and Lady Veronica Chalmers, a beautiful woman married to a wealthy producer of musicals, a successful author in her own right, and aunt to the man who may well be the next home secretary.

A brief preliminary visit to Lady Chalmers brings down the wrath of his superiors and Banks is ordered to back off - never contact her again. Despite the warning he cannot shake the idea that she is hiding something, but what? Banks decides to try to hide any further investigation of the Lady thus endangering not only his career but that of a member of his team.

What a pleasure it is to follow this precisely constructed, thoughtfully paced plot to its surprising but thoroughly satisfying conclusion! Children Of The Revolution is a winner on all fronts.

- Gail Cooke
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le 29 mai 2014
Une étoile en moins parce que j'ai eu des doutes... Où va-t-il avec ces deux enquêtes ? Il faut passer la moitié du livre pour commencer à comprendre (je ne doute pas du fait que certains seront + rapides que moi). Comme quoi je suis + attachée à Banks et sa collègue qu'aux autres enquêteurs...
Le côté intéressant de la partie hors Banks est le flash back sur l'Angleterre Thatcher vu par un GB = pas forcément comme c'était décrit ou compris en France.
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le 15 mars 2014
Plus qu'un roman policier, Robinson fait le bilan d'une vie et dresse le portrait saisissant d'un homme à la veille de la
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le 24 janvier 2015
Dingue de polars et fan de Robinson donc pas déçue - je recommande tout comme tous ceux de la série
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le 10 septembre 2013
A bit confused the overall plot, a good analysis of the rumors and their consequences on people living in a closed circle
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le 11 juin 2014
This is a very well constructed detective story with intersting and quite well rounded characters. The construction of the plot moves at a good pace with plenty of interesting details to whet the appetite.
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