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le 28 septembre 2013
I had the honor and privilege of checking out Gary Renard's long anticipated 3rd book, Love Has Forgotten No One: The Answer to Life, this past summer. Here's my review for it. The book is set to be released on October 8th. Enjoy!

In Gary Renard's third book, Love Has Forgotten No One: The Answer to Life, Arten and Pursah are back with their very outspoken yet very sincere approach to the pure non-dualistic and non-compromising principles of A Course in Miracles, reminding the reader that he or she is never a victim, that the world is not your home and God has nothing to do with any of it, and that the application of true forgiveness is the only solution to all your perceived problems.

In addition to his usual talks with Arten and Pursah, Gary also gets to chat face to face with two of Jesus' disciples from 2000 years ago, Thomas and Thaddaues, who share a bit of their experience and forgiveness lessons during that time period. Additionally, Gary very candidly shares with all of us many of his personal forgiveness lessons he's endured since the release of his first two books - likely much to his chagrin as the chapter titled "Lessons of Gary" is the longest one in the book!

Also in Love Has Forgotten No One, Arten and Pursah explain to us what happens when you die. They also talk about healing modalities or "bones for the ego" on the level of form that may be helpful to you in your healing while applying true forgiveness into your everyday life. The events of September 11, 2001 are also discussed herein (but don't expect the mainstream news media version.) And it wouldn't be a complete book if Arten and Pursah didn't give us a little tease as to what to expect in the future here on "psycho planet."

Of course, it's never Arten and Pursah's intent to discuss the aforementioned topics to make them real, but to point out that they are to be used as forgiveness opportunities so you can break free from the world and go Home. At the same time, they reinforce the idea that the Holy Spirit's message is never about giving anything up physically, but about releasing our psychological attachment to it all, and that it's totally appropriate to do normal human things while enjoying what the world has to offer us on our way to becoming enlightened.

With Gary's prior books, The Disappearance of the Universe and Your Immortal Reality, being my personal favorites ever, 1A and 1B respectively, naturally Love Has Forgotten No One is 1C for me. As Arten and Pursah say in this gem of a book in regards to this world, "God didn't bring you to it, but the Holy Spirit will see you through it." Giddy up!

~ Mike Lemieux, author of Dude, Where's My Jesus Fish?: A Compilation Highlighting the Blunt and Uncompromising Teachings of Arten and Pursah on A Course in Miracles
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