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le 7 février 2015
Scarface: The Ultimate Guide showcases Damian Stevenson's thorough and absolute knowledge of the subject matter. This is no flash in the pan. This is full of everything you ever wanted to know, and NEEDED to know, about Scarface, and it is layed out in a professional and entertaining way. Great stuff indeed.
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le 8 mars 2014
Un ebook à posséder dans sa bibliothèque numérique pour tous les amoureux de la littérature surtout à ce prix là !
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le 23 octobre 2013
At long last, "Scarface" receives the serious treatment it deserves. Thanks to the meticulous research and creative mind of screenwriter and novelist Damian Stevenson fans now have an bible for the 1983 De Palma movie. Good movie books are rare.
There is one other book on "Scarface" ("Scarface Nation" By Ken Tucker) but it is riddled with errors and is superficial. "Scarface: The Ultimate Guide" is a detailed and intelligent examination of the movie from its inception to release - and beyond. The book feels fresh and is a great, fun and informative read. No doubt the release of this incredibly detailed, authoritative book is timed to the movie's 30th anniversary this year.
I have seen `Scarface' countless times and thought I knew everything about it but I learned a lot from this book. At times the information was a little overwhelming. I'm not sure if people care too much about camera angles or the references to `Star Wars' but at least the writer keeps the technical aspects to a minimum. The book's best part is the shot by shot (or close) analysis of the film. It's like seeing the movie through a new set of eyes. I had no idea De Palma's film was so layered.
The facts that struck me that I wasn't aware of before: how similar the movie is to the original 1932 film (especially so much of the dialogue!); how the shoot had to leave Miami because of protests about the script's treatment of Cubans; how the style of the film influenced the look of "Miami Vice;" the movie's strange antisemitism; the power of the music and how it is used; how De Palma uses the camera to enhance scenes; and all the trivia that is packed into this short but brilliant book!
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le 4 février 2015
"Scarface: The Ultimate Guide", by Damian Stevenson, is "Ajabu". What's Ajabu? That's the Swahili word for the following superlatives: Astonishing...Amazing...Incredible...Extraordinary...Superb...Exquisite...Marvelous...Wonderful....Delightful...

I really am left at a loss of words to adequately convey what a precious, priceless, work of art this book is. It could have only been put together through one of two means: 1. sheer hard work, of the day in and day out, 18 hours a day work commonly associated with suicidal workaholics, or, quite simply, 2. a labor of love. After completing this book, there is no doubt it is the latter condition that give birth to this ultimate guidebook.

'Scarface: The Ultimate Guidebook', is everything it has been touted to be by others much more discerning, more demanding, and more rigorous than I. It is, if you allow me to quote a review I admired: "...a powerful, stylized commentary on violence, materialism, excess, corruption and crime in America." (end of quote) If you are a movie buff, a teacher, an actor or actress, or simply a regular human being like I am, trust me, this book belongs on your shelf. This one is special, extraordinarily special. I tip my hat to Mr. Damian Stevenson. Well done Sir!
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le 9 février 2015
If you love gangster fiction, movies and books and comics, then this is the book for you. "Scarface" is indeed the ultimate guide to the super mobster.

The tale of Scarface is a violent story of excess, crime and corruption in America in the 1980s. It shows you drug-powered Miami through the eyes of an illegal immigrant who goes from dishwasher to narcotics kingpin, only to be destroyed by cocaine.The story is a dark parody of the American dream.

'Scarface: The Ultimate Guide' dissects the movie in its historical context, its origins, development, production, release, critical reception and current cultural niche. The author proclaims that the "The highlight of the book is a detailed analysis of the movie from first frame to FADE OUT."

Everything you might wish to know about the history of the 1983 film is included, from actors to screenplay and more.

Movie buffs and gangster lovers will want to own this detailed guide to the iconic film.
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le 22 octobre 2013
The definitive book on "Scarface" is here. This is essential reading for fans of the movie (the 1980s one). There is no audio commentary for "Scarface," so I was excited to read this. The book discusses the origins of the movie and its development history -- with essays, trivia, and lots of fascinating factoids. I had no idea most of "Scarface" was Sidney Lumet's idea. The producers wanted to do a 1930s period piece before he thought to set it in Miami. This was not Oliver Stone's idea, but Stone's script borrows heavily from the original movie -- including a lot of the dialogue.

This book debunks a lot of myths about "Scarface" and gets to the truth behind `Making Of' documentaries and all the false rumors (like Pacino ad-libbed the word `yeyo') put out on the web by the likes of IMDB. The book goes through a lengthy analysis of the movie, scene by scene. I thought I knew a lot about "Scarface" until I read this book. Give it a read if you like film analysis and you like "Scarface"!
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le 1 février 2015
Scarface: The Ultimate Guide by Damian Stevenson

A superb book for cult die-hards of the film Scarface - a highly informative read, which will bring back many memories from this super film!

Stevenson has crafted something special with this classic and is certainly not one to pass by. A great writer of novels such as, Operation Armada (Book 1 of The Ian Fleming Files) and The Ian Fleming Files: Operation Parsifal - so, no surprise to see this comprehensive guide.

The details are very well put together, capturing the essence of the characters, the movie and the film-making aspects throughout the pages. Good in-depth research is included defining the role of Pacino and the rest of the cast - Stevenson presents this very well indeed.

An all-time gangster hit - any fan of the film or movie buff should now grab the book!!!

A strong 5***** Fantastic!!!
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le 15 octobre 2013
To get "Scarface" on the screen filmmakers had to overcome many obstacles. This guide by Damian Stevenson is very interesting and informative. Taking us through each scene in detail, the author leads into the political aspects as well as the creative minds involved in the production of Scarface.
The depth of knowledge that went into this book is amazing and insightful. Crisp with new vision I will watch the movie Scarface again just so I can catch so many scenes I missed before.
Better prepared I will enjoy the movie with my husband this time.

I give Scarface: The Ultimate Guide 5 stars and highly recommend it to all of you who often use the phrase, "Say hello to my leetle freend."
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le 6 février 2015
My slugs and I are huge fans of Scarface, both the original Howard Hawks film and the remake by Brian de Palma and it was pleasing to note that Damian Stevenson hasn't forgotten the Hawk's film, or the book for that matter, as many slugs that I've encountered only know the de Palma version. Moving on, there some films/books/cultural phenomenons that are worth dissecting and analysing and 1983's Scarface is one of them. It truly was a groundbreaking film for its dialogue, its acting, its truth and realism and it's a real joy to really get under the skin of it with Stevenson's book. Some pertinent questions are asked and many intriguing elements are discussed. True Scarface aficionados will love this.
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le 2 février 2015
In Scarface: The Ultimate Guide, Damian Stevenson offers more than a guide: he provides the historical background of the creation of to the classic gangster movie SCARFACE—all the way back to the 1929 novel by Armitage Trail, which was inspired by the character of Al Capone, and which provided the material for the 1932 movie version (with Paul Muni and George Raft.)

Stevenson offers a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the screenplay and the choice of producer Oliver Stone and director Brian De Palma. His analysis is enlightening, his delivery—entertaining, and the research underlying his writing is impressive.

Five stars.
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