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le 28 juin 2010
This is one of the best books about girls and women on the autism/Asperger's spectrum that I have EVER read! No parent, educator or medical professional should be without this gem. Women and girls on the spectrum will certainly recognize themselves in this stellar masterpiece of a book. It is very empowering!

If you are a girl or woman on the spectrum, this book is truly your best friend. Rudy Simone, like Dr. Travis Thompson and Dr. Tony Attwood is the voice of tolerance and understanding in re the a/A experience. She really "gets" it!

I like the way she replaces harmful verbiage such as "stimming," which is a term I never liked either with the more tolerant and much more accurate term "soothing" behaviors. She dislikes the term "stimming" because to her it sounds "creepy." I dislike it because I think it trivializes or downplays the need to release excess tension when sensory input gets to be too much. After all, the neurotypical (NT) population "stims," by tapping and jingling things in their pockets and fidgeting, just to name a few.

Rudy Simone is a genius. It is as simple as that. She has interviewed women on the spectrum and included their thoughts in this masterpiece of a book. Liane Holliday Willey wrote the foreword and she has Asperger's and her daughter does as well.

Rudy Simone outlines critical points throught one's life, from birth to senior citizenship with Asperger's. She outlines with clearly written, easy to follow lists of key bullet items that help direct readers' focus on Aspergerian behaviors, reasons for same and mechanisms for coping. Each chapter closes with Advice to Parents and Advice to Aspergirls. I like the new terminology - Aspergirls. Liane Holliday Willey's daughter said it sounded like a superhero and she is right. I think we should get into raising our glasses and proposing a toast to Rudy Simone!

I strongly urge everyone to read this book and I would like to give people extra copies of it. It has truly been a major help to me personally and for that, I say a heartfelt "THANK YOU, RUDY SIMONE!"
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Excellent livre de vulgarisation sur le syndrome d'Asperger dans son expression féminine, écrit par une femme Asperger. C'est une excellente introduction au SA très connue aux USA qui contient notamment des outils pour mieux connaître et comprendre ce que ce syndrome représente chez les femmes et pourquoi il est très souvent non ou tardivement diagnostiqué .
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le 9 avril 2013
Excellent guide to find out about the syndrome of Asperger !
An entertaining start to enter the world of isolation, the + and the - of the existence
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