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le 1 février 2014
It started with a cliffhanger. I've been waiting like an eternity to see wether it's falling or falling apart or flying towards a happy future.

This book has an adapted ( and perfect ) rhythm. Ofourse you want to read it as quickly as you can, to know if Christos goes to jail or not, if he survives his dark mood on the edge of jumping or falling of that balcony. And eventhough the trial scenes are very good in their discription ( I smell some really good preparation/investigation from the writer here ) they read in a blink. It gets you to the edge of your seat, reading on and on and on. your heart slammering in your chest .

As a truly hooked fan of Christos & Sam, I was very happy to read the final court decision really soon in this book. And as always when a story gets to your gut, you want to know more, you don't want the story to end. There is so much more to know and read about these lovers & their friends.

Thankfully you get all of it. Their growing , their pains and laughs, their ups and downs. you get so many answers in this book.

I teared up when Christos talks with his dad Nikolos about art. The phrase : " what's been giving you grief" still does my eyes go watery. I teared up when Romeo showed his true colors. Insert some rainbowcolors, knowing there 's always rain before a rainbow. Yes, this is the side of Romeo I really like.

I teared up during the manos gallery show. Family is united, so much meaning behind it. I teared up when Christos & Sam crossed Nikolos and Spiridon walking down the hill while they hiked up. I teared up 'meeting ' Christos' mom.

But I laughed , snorted way much more. The humour is sometimes subtle - which I adore , sometimes typically Romeo-esque but is was so perfectly dosed, I loved it.

Note I do not use any Exclamation points, there for I speak the truth.

Every single book was so good, but I think this one is the best of the 3 in this series.

Every book in this series has earned my 5 stars. Painless earned 6 out of 5.
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le 4 février 2014
This third installment of the Samantha Smith story is the perfect ending for everyone.
All the characters come full circle thanks to the depth of emotions that we get through the different point of views through the novel.
Extremely well written and leaves me on edge for more novels from Devon Hartford.
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