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le 7 avril 2016
4,5 stars.

You want a good laugh, a really, really "pee your pants because you laugh so hard" read? Go for it, buy it now!

Candice is really "something else" as Ian said. She came as a airhead in the beginning, hairdresser and beauty counselor extraordinaire. All skinny jeans, flat soled boots with pom-poms, she spent more time on her behind in the freezing snow than vertical the first day she landed. She is in snowy and slippery Oregon to visit her pregnant BFF, welcomed on the Mackenzie's ranch.

When City Girl stays on a ranch where staying vertical in cute shoes is a challenge, she has to adapt. I loved how I underestimated her. I read her as a silly and superficial girl but she is fiercely loyal, determined, combative with a heart of gold. She keeps her quirks all right (Mr Google) but she soon fires guns, help cows give birth, does U turn with ginormous trucks to drive her "giving birth" best friend to the hospital and kill mountain lions while protecting the hot brooding bad boy Ian Mackenzie.

Ian, heartsick and prick for three years now never saw her coming. They soon bicker and banter like teenagers, fighting in snow and hay. A butt naked Ian is carrying Candice on his shoulder just because she made sure his shower was cold.

Their banter is funny but what really had me in fits of laughter was all that happened to Candice. Talk about turn of events, that girl is a walking disaster or has bad karma but I could not stop shaking as I laughed so hard.

My only complaint (the missing 0,5 stars) would be the ending. I thought it was a bit "rushed" and would have loved more resistence from Ian or doubts from Candice or... But that's me being really picky as it's still an extraordinarily funny read.
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le 13 juin 2014
Finally a sequel to one of my favorite books ! Shine not burn was a hot story, now after reading this book I have to review my opinion on it. MacKenzie Fire has it all. Hot sex, hot words, anticipation and chemistry but most of all : LAUGHTER. out loud snorts, giggles, never-ending-tummy-hurting laughter.
The writer has you hooked from page 1, very visual written, very fluend.
I promised a cake for this sequel - eventhough you could read is as a stand-alone - I think I might bake a wedding cake for Mrs Casey. I loved it.
5 brilliant yihaa cowboy stars !
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le 8 juin 2014
I love having a book to read in bed and this one I didn't want to put down ...only problem was I had to get up at 6am the next day for work, otherwise I would have read it in one go !! Loved the humour. Loved The steamy parts. Loved the characters. Loved that I could see The story like a film in my head. Elle Casey is a great story teller. Five stars !!
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