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4,2 sur 5 étoiles
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le 21 juillet 2014
My main problem with reading the first book of a series, being the first book of a Young author who hasn't published any other book to this day, is what shall I do now that I finished the book????

I want to know more about Chloe and Lucca and Vincent and Amo and Maria.... I need to have more from the Caruso family and I don't know if there will be an other book and when and I am afraid that when it comes out I will have read so many other books that I will miss buying it....

Anyway. The story is well different!

Ella is being bullied by ... well everybody at high school. But she still has the strength to protect her best friend Chloe. Their fears and suffering are eating you when you read the story. The day Ella witnesses the murder of a man by “the boss” her life changes, but not the way you expects. Nero and his friends (3 - wow- alphas) enter her life and start protecting her and her friend. Nero is a womanizer using girls to scratch an itch, but Ella is different. He suddenly wants only her!

But how will Ella react when she finds out that he is the son of “the boss” and that she is a mission for him. He has to find out if she is a treat for his family… and what will he do when he understands that the real treat she represents is to his heart?
The characters seemed shallow at first but you grow to love them. I really liked this book. I read it in one morning, couldn’t set it down and want MORE.

Watch out for more by Sarah Brianne!

Enjoy the read MBTM
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le 1 octobre 2014
Okay...this book wasn't bad. Actually it was a little bit out of lot. Every mafia-romance-bad boys-meet-good girl books I read before was too cheesy and soft to be believable, but this one was realistic with some creepy moments.
What I liked: As I said before, this book was realistic and dealt with real life situations. Bullying, mafia's laws and how youngsters can be cruel sometimes.
What I disliked: WHERE IS THE POLICE? Really, after being beat to a pulp Elle never called the principle or the police. Hey, I'm talking here about real physical damages with broken bones and scars. Another problem was about the two main characters. I stopped to care about Nero and Elle when Lucca (Nero's big bro) was introduced and I was more than enthusiastic about his little chattering with Chloe (I crave to see their story). That being said, I was more in Chloe's story and her secrets (about scars) than Elle and Nero stuff. Chloe, this little scared bird, a ghost, a shadow, stole the very attention from our main heroes. Lastly, sometimes Nero was too overdone. I like to read about Alpha etc, but this boy (yes, the boy) was too mature for his age (18). He talked like adult, commanded like adult and behaved like adult. It was a little bit unreal. More than that, his macho-man behavior was ridiculous sometimes (he would make blush a Neanderthal).
My final note: 3/5
For mature audience
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le 22 septembre 2014
Je ne savais pas trop à quoi m'attendre mais au vu des différents commentaires, je me suis dis pourquoi pas? Et bien, je ne le regrette pas! Histoire très prenante....
Je suis cependant surprise de toutes les "brimades" ou devrais-je dire "tortures" que subit l'héroïne au sein de son école...sans que personne ne réagisse. Cela semble difficilement réaliste, mais bon, cela ne m'a pas empêché de dévorer le livre :-))
J'attends la suite avec impatience...
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le 8 octobre 2014
Ce livre est génial, je n'ai pas pu m'arrêter une seule fois au cours de ma lecture.
J'adore les personnages qui évolues naturellement.
Comme ce livre abordent des thèmes, où les héros ne sont pas toujours politiquement corrects, je déconseille ceux que cela peut gêner...
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le 22 mars 2015
L'histoire est vraiment peu crédible, ça ressemble un peu à un "Pretty woman" revisité dans le monde des mafiosi.
Bien mais pas top.
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