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5,0 sur 5 étoiles
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le 14 juillet 2014
There could never be enough star to rate this book.

I haven't cry so much because of a book since Archer's voice. Those two stories talk about the same think, this unconitionnal love that makes you feel so much things you sometimes can't believe you have the chance to experience it.

I am very sensitive so it's pretty easy for me to cry over a book - because I'm happy, because I'm mad, because i'm sad... but there was only two times I cried over a book because of the message it delivered, two books where sometimes I had to stop reading for a few minutes because I was so touched by the story I just needed a break. Archer's Voice was the first - because of Archer and his courage of course, but mostly because of the blind aspect of their relationship, his insecurity. But what truly touch me in Puddle Jumping was the two main characters - when Lilly explains all the reasons why she loves Colton and it feels like she could go on forever, how Colton's love for Lilly is so pure, so powerfully and so obvious he doesn't need to verbalise it.

Sometimes love is so evident it doesn't need a lot of words because you can just feel it. Lilly and Colton were made for each other and they don't need anyone to tell them so - they already know it and it's so beautiful to read I can't even describe it.
You need to read Puddle Jumping to really understand how wonderful it is cause no review could ever do it justice.
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