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le 15 juillet 2006
The Pevensie family must split-up due to the war and the children go to the country for safety. There Lucy while playing a game of "Hide-and-seek" discovers an old wardrobe in a spare room. There upon entering stumble into the country of Narnia. The story begins.

If you come at this film with no preconceptions or knowledge of the writer or writing. And of course did not see the BBC production, than you could almost perceive this film tale as a mild "Lord of the rings." We have the cultural classic coming of age journey that requires sacrifice and a new understanding of life.

The original BBC production truer to the story was of course lower budget and would appeal to a different audience. I think Disney adjusted this film to match their perceived audience.

The book which is a classic also has a following. However I must say that I think that C.S. Lewis's fictional works are a pail reflection of his other works.

I did find the film fun to watch especially after viewing the voiceover commentaries that told what they were trying to accomplish including the "Potty Mouth Bucket". And this was a good selection of character actors. The sets had great depth and care taken. Yet this is an interpretation of a book that is bay an author that is not the best at fiction and should in no way be compared with other works either book or movie. Dismay is trying to portray the essence of the story, not make a block buster action CGI film. In those contents this movie was well done.

Watch for "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" (2007)

As a side note I own wardrobe similar although not as large as the one displayed in the movie. So foe the only being that have been lost in it are my cats.
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