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le 8 mai 2011
The first time I heard of Ken was when I accidently stumbled on one of his talks, one of the first times I visited (go to that site as well if you have not heard of it, I haven't met anyone yet who doesn't like that website ;-) ).

The reason I would really recommend to read this book is not only that it may help you understanding what you are actually trying to achieve in your life, but as a parent it surely has helped me confirm and deepen my ideas on how to guide my children on their choices for what they would like to do with their lives. My wife is an (ambitious/innovative)teacher and as a result we see both sides of the story about what school is like and actually should be like. Hence the ted talks from Ken were of great interest to us as well as he confirmed much of what she/we thought already. More interestingly, the content of this book and his talks are global issues as we discovered.

It is important to note that this is not meant to be a "self help" guide. It is however full of interesting and funny anacdotes and interview extracts that accompany the general ideas Ken addresses.

Anyway, I can recommend this book to anyone interested in helping to understand and formulate what "being in your element" is all about.

For those money, ROI type people amongst us, the cost represents (in France anyway) any of the following: 3 beers / 1 good bottle of wine / one cinema ticket / 3 kg of great apples or anything else similar. In other words, not much really for something that could help you change something in your life, your spouse or more importantly, your children.
Go for it!
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